Saturday, May 11, 2013

History of Top Ittipat

Like the man said that success will only favor those who have the determination to never give up in the face of failure and have a willingness to keep trying to face the rigors of life cobaaan, as well as experienced by Top Ittipat, A Young Millionaires from Thailand who was aged 26 years at such as Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg who has unyielding spirit in the face of failure and finally successful in developing a business that is Tao Kae Noi or Fried Seaweed Snacks. Top Aitthipat Kulapongvanich full name or Top Ittipat, he was born in 1984 in Thailand, he was born of a wealthy family and ordinary course and not think too much about the future, there is nothing so special in him until God really test it.

Like most young men his age, experience Top online gaming addiction when he was 16 years old in 2004 while still in high school and made him neglect his school. Not a good thing of course, but the introduction the world of business actually begins from here. generate a lot of money from the game sales are digame weapons. Obtained so much money to be buying cars and stuff like that in like Play Station 2, With this business he even earned income reaches 1 million Baht and can buy a car worth 600 Baht (about 200 million dollars). arguably top extravagant life.

The buyer is a fellow game lovers and there are also those who came from outside the country. However, because of this illegal business then it is definitely not going to be able to last long. Their online gaming accounts on the block because of unknown make buying and selling. On the other hand Top sedangn parents had financial problems and was very much in debt, but still trying to defray the cost of tuition but Top Top refuse. Finally she can go to college but to steal his father's talisman and mortgaged. At the same time the business went bankrupt and their parents at the same time anyway because of laziness at school during the school did not make the Top public universities and private universities should go.

With the remaining money he had switched business to business Top DVD Player but Top tricked because all the DVD player turns counterfeit goods and money can not be returned. Top is also trying to find a bank to loan money to start a new business. However, the bank did not just approve it. At this point the Top starting to realize his mistake having been neglecting school and lessons. At the same point it was also the Top starts in touch with the rigors of the business world. Debts which are hindering efforts to reach parents of 40 million Baht further exacerbate the situation. Moreover their homes confiscated the Bank. Amid the crush of Top remain hard-hearted.

One time Top a stroll and see the exhibition there is a tool for frying nuts then thought to sell peanuts. Top and rent the equipment at a price of 10,000 bath per month, here courage Top looks. Then he opened a store in Mall nuts with his uncle, Top started to struggle here can make a delicious bean artisan nut he asked how to make the streets of delicious nuts. But although he managed to make a delicious bean, merchandise remains unsold, making Top a little frustrated and tried several ways that did not sell. Once when walking kesebuah Top traditional market and get some inspiration like giving discounts and location business is crucial. Because the location to be one of the determining factors in the successful sale of a product.

Top insisted then asked to move to the front of the Mall and the look that sells fried peanuts then he opened several branches, however holiday indeed not easy. Current Top a business began to expand massively, other problems arise where the machine is Top hotcakes use cause smoke and littering the roof Mall so that should cover the Mall and its stores also cancel the contract. This point Top almost desperate. His parents decided to go to China. Top insisted on survive and continue their business in Thailand. From a business selling peanuts, Top switch bow for fried seaweed business. Provide snack food lover.

After that he got the inspiration to make fried seaweed and he bought some seaweed but stale within 1 week, it made him wonder and professor in the field of food to come to resolve this issue. The professor helped make Top perishable food so as not to create a vacuum packing and replace with nitrogen. Then the next challenge is not to make the Top seaweed is bad because it tastes bitter after being fried. He and his uncle  more than 100,000 baht (28 million) for seaweed trials but failed, until all the seaweed out.

In the pressure was so great Top trying to find out about the different sales strategies. He is even willing to learn directly from the market with wonder to the traders. Inspiration came when he was shopping in one of the mini market, 7-Eleven. He applied the method ever taught when in the course of which his father managed. Previously his father were forced to enter the Top attend courses because business can not afford to go in college because of cost reasons. The method of expansion of sales to various countries. Again, not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. 7-Eleven turned out to have a high standard that must be met in order to enter the market Top products. Top Various efforts do but all deadlock.

Top hardly alone in despair and decided to go to China but before that happens the Top did qualify for the final effort of the 7-Eleven and effort the last thing this time is not in vain. Existing difficulties ranging from innovation to product packaging to the Top is also required to have a factory to produce in large quantities. With great difficulty can all be fulfilled. Fortunately there is also a small office remaining family-owned, which eventually turned into a Top small factory. With this Top is eligible conditions and set quotas. 2 years later Top managed to pay the debt his family and his family managed to take back home.

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